The Alternative Healing Generation and Essential Oils

Today’s young generations. From generation Y all the way to the current generation of babies being born, they are much more conscious about where everything comes from. They want to know the source of their food, the way their treatments or healing remedies are made. They are much more thoughtful about what goes into their bodies, and how everything effects them, and the rest of the planet and society as a whole.

When it comes to health, wellness, and healing, younger people are rejecting traditional medicine, health insurance, even Obamacare itself. These generations are more concerned about putting the right things into their body that don’t bring harm, and also carry forth the ancient ways of healing from hundreds, even thousands of years before modern medicine, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceudical based care.

Through the ancient traditions of plants used for healing, one of the latest alternative healing trends that has revisited humanity is essential oils. Essential oils have been used in ancient Egyptian, African, and other tribal cultures. They are high potency compressed forms of the plants and the most pure parts of their nutrients.

Companies like Tao Essential Oils, Do Terra, and others are providing the service of farming, processing and bottling these pure oils so that they can be made accessible to the public – people looking for essential oils as an alternative healing method. There are volumes and many books, blogs and more written on which oils are good for which health ailments, as well as how to blend and effectively apply essential oils on the body, usually through air diffusion and vaporization, direct application on the skin, or even ingesting in diluted form.

Whether you are treating psoriasis with essential oils, other skin conditions like acne, or even deeper inner body conditions like arthritis, blood pressure, or just about anything, there are recommend essential oils to use.

Any way you look at it, there is something to be said for the thousands of case studies and stories of people who have noticable, sometimes even rapid and immediate results for their health ailments through the use of essential oils.


The Safety of Automatic Pitching Machines

We need to take every precaution with our kids and the sports they like to play, and that includes the athletic field equipment that they have access to.

When automatic pitching machines, first came out, the government issued a safety warning and concern over these machines:

Unfortunately, these machines continued to be a danger to young baseball players and even coaches and trainers that were using the machines. Up until recently there were no machines on the market that did not have a risk of someone getting something like clothing or hands stuck inside the mechanics of the machine, because it was all opened and exposed.

Just this past year, however, we’re excited to see advances that are addressing this major safety concern. Now parents can at least relieve themselves of one potential major risk because the machines mechanics are now enclosed within a safety compartment.

The new “SafePitch” branded machines are by a pitching machine manufacturer called Phantom Pitching Machines. They’ve teamed up with the great team of people at to distribute and market the product.

Obviously injury prevention is our goal as parents, coaches, team administrators and the people involved in youth sports. Every potential safety upgrade like this could save lives and prevent injuries and that has to be a priority for us to keep our kids safe.

Check out the features and benefits of this fantastic pitching machine and rest assured knowing that it’s safer than any other machine on the baseball field equipment market today.

Websites for Kids Education

One of the latest innovations in kids education is empowering kids to be tracking their education journeys through elementary, middle and high school experiences up into college. This entire process can be tracked, observed, monitored through a blog based website.

Something as simple as a wordpress blog or something more advanced by a designer like Asheville web design company could do everything you need it to. The key is not in the web design elements themselves or the techy behind the scenes stuff, but more in the process and ensuring there is a commitment in tracking the information and progress on a regular basis.

WordPress offers the best opportunity for a blog platform that is easy to update and keep on top of for simple processes that can become habit in no time at all.

Kids Saving Kids with Helmet Research Study

Helmets are a critical component to keeping kids safe when it comes to biking, motorcycling, ATVing, snowboarding/skiing, skateboarding and more.

One of our most recent projects has been kids taking the initiative to research what makes a great helmet for children and what makes a poor one.

This research is now being utilized by an atv safety course and may become a part of other future schools and curriculums. Manufacturers are beginning to take notice and make adjustments to their helmets too, which is amazing to see. Check out this video on helmet research:

New Science and Research Building

We are excited to launch this fresh revision of our blog in conjunction with our new research center building. We are dedicating this post to one of the people that made our new building possible, Asheville NC Real Estate Agent, Kathleen Blanchette. She is a class act when it comes to servicing her community and providing the concierge real estate services that we needed to make this dream a possibility for our organization.

Our new building is now providing us with additional research and experimentation laboratories and classrooms. We now have a full auditorium for hosting community events, and a cafeteria for full food services. This is a really exciting time, and we hope to continue to build on the dream, hopes and visions for the children in our community and globally through our research.

Our mission is to advance education through technology for children in sciences, engineering, software and computing.

Please join us in our upcoming open house ribbon cutting event on January 30, 2014. We’re excited to show you around and look forward to getting you plugged into some of the great activities we have planned for the evening – bring the whole family!

Also, be sure to give Kathleen Blanchette a call any time you need a realtor in Asheville.